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    I currently have about 25 sites that are hosted with another company (I am technically a reseller although I own and manage all the sites). I would like to switch but I am not sure of how you handle multiple sites.

    1) Would each of my sites have its own sign-in or would they share one? For example, site "" has two users who change content but "" has eight users with different levels of editing authority. I need to have my own unique log-in to modify their site layouts. Can this be done?

    2) Would each site have its own configuration area so that some have features that others don't have?

    3) How do I set up my master account to have sub-accounts for each domain name?

    4) Do I have to pay for each of the 25 sites separately or is it included in the one monthly (or annual) fee?
  2. Yes, with separate sites under one account.

    Each site within an account is paid for separately.

    If you're coming from a WHM/Cpanel-type reseller situation, we don't have anything that parallels that setup.

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