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  1. Hi,

    I currently have 2 basic accounts with Winhost... So I am paying for 2 x $17.95 per quarter. I have been asked to host another site for a mate, so want to host three sites, each with their own database, and domain. Am I right in saying that if I upgrade from basic, to max, I can host 10 sites (or more), each with their own database (10 only)? Is the hosting of the sites seemless? Or is there some strange redirect thing off the main site? With Basic package, I only get one database... so the difference I can see between max and basic is simply the extra MS SQL databases.

    I read the KB, but the hosting of multiple sites on Max seems a bit strange. Can anyone explain and confirm going to Max is a good idea?
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  2. The number of sites you want to host really depends on the resource usage each site will need from its Site Account.

    Considering that you need a database for each site you want to host you could support each with a single Site Account on the Max plan.

    That would leave you with 7 databases which you could provision to support additional sites, given that you have sufficient disk space remaining.

    You would also have access to a separate allotment of MySQL databases which you could use for compatible sites or applications.

    Every Site Account has a dedicated email service tied to the primary domain on record, each additional domain can utilize the domain pointer alias forwarding service or a third party for email service, Google Apps integrates easily as you can see here.

    What might seem daunting at first is that how each site is tied to its domain.

    All domains resolve to the root of your hosting space, you will need to implement the redirection necessary for each address to arrive at the code files for the corresponding site.

    This can be done through traditional code based redirection scripts or by taking advantage of the URL Rewrite Module available in IIS, the module has an amazing amount of power and can seamlessly redirect and mask the URLs in a client’s browser in almost any end.
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