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  1. My employer has commissioned a new website from a different firm than the one which created our last site. Our last site is at www.<site>.com, and is hosted at a host which the old firm uses. We own the www.<site>.com domain, and we still want this domain to be our main domain. Our new coder threw the new site up at www.<site>.info on Winhost. We chose to stay with Winhost for now, so we would like to point the www.<site>.com domain to the Winhost DNS servers. The best outcome would be for both domains to point to the new site here at Winhost.

    I know that Winhost offers an option to point multiple domains to one site, but I want the www.<site>.com to be the main domain for several reasons, including email (I'll be using google apps).

    Would my best option be to register a new site account with Winhost using the www.<site>.com domain, have the dns servers updated for this domain, and then have the guy who is coding the new website (at www.<site>.info, currently hosted at Winhost) cancel his account so we can point the .info domain to the new account with the .com domain?

    Is there a better option?

    Thank you for any help you can provide!

    - nrwilk
  2. Ray


    Yes. Actually that will be the only way. Once a site account has been provisioned on the system, you will not be able to alter the domain name. You will need to order a new site account with the correct domain name and then move all the files, and database objects to the new site account with the correct domain name and cancel the old site with the incorrect domain name.
  3. OK, We're finally ready to make this change.

    I started our new site account using the .com domain about a month ago.

    But, I think I remember reading somewhere in the Winhost knowledgebase that one only has a short period (7 days?) to have the DNS info updated for a domain after creating a Winhost account for that domain.

    Is this true?

    If so, I guess I need to cancel the current account for the .com domain and order a new one. Or, will I still be able to update the dns info for the domain and have it point to this account which I've already created?
  4. No, you can make the DNS changes at any time. Your alternate URLs will work for as long as you need them (they are always active, even after you change name servers for your domain).

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