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  1. I presume that I can have multiple sites, for the price of just one site, if my web site (e.g. the Orchard CMS) is capable of multi-tenancy? In this case, to make this happen, I presume I simply take advantage of the "unlimited domains" deal. Yes? My multi-tenancy solution would use only a single database (which is all you get with a one-site account).

    Otherwise, if I don't use the multi-tenancy feature of my chosen CMS platform - then I presume I must simply buy an additional site for each site I add, correct?
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    You can run multiple sites under a single hosting account. Please see this forum post for the detailed explanation on how to do that. Using a single database for multiple web application is not recommended and in some cases is not possible. This is because different applications can try installing database objects with the same name overriding the existing ones and creating naming conflict. If your web applications are smart enough to create object identifier, i.e. prefix database object names uniquely, you will be able to use a single database. The best solution will be to upgrade your site MAX hosting plan where you will be able to create up to 10 databases and install each application with a separate dedicated database.
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  3. You are very quickly going to reach quota limits using Orchard multi-tenancy on a Basic account. CMS - any CMS - equals memory use. When you start multiplying that use, obviously you multiply the resources needed.

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