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  1. For anyone having trouble browsing to Instillation Media in order to install
    MS Server Management Studio - this may well save your hair-line.

    If you need to install MS Server Management Studio / are being told by your PC to browse to installation media / cannot see installation media ---- it is probably because it is not in your computer. MS SQL 2008 deleted it after your original install of the server.

    Follow the instructions below and I think you will find success.

    1. Use the original SQL Express 2008 download page on web , click on it as you would normally do to download / instal it
    2. You will prob now get the standard windows "open file - security warning" click run
    3. It begins to extract the files, make a note of what directory it is extracting to. This directory is a temporary folder and by default it will be C:\ followed by a folder name which will a random set of letters and numbers "hjlj12w123j12lj123k" for example. If your PC is fast it may be gone before you can make a written note - navigate to your C\ folder and highlight the folder as it is delivered. Copy it a few seconds later and paste it to your desk top. If the download happens to quicj for you and the file is not at C\: just do it again until you get it.
    4. The SQL Server Installation Center window pops up, once you have pasted the folder to your desktop - close the SQL Server Installation Center window .
    5. Now reopen SQL Server Installation Center that is already on your computer by going to Start / all programs / Microsoft SQL Server 2008 / Configuration tools /SQL Server Installation Center
    6. Click on the installation tab and install as you were trying to when you originally ran into the “ browse to installation Media” problem. When prompted for the installation media, browse to the Instillation Media folder which you copied to your desktop. This worked for me.

    The reason you needed to copy copy the Installation Media to your desktop becomes clear if you browse to your C\ folder again - it is not there because MS SQL download deleted it once it had finished - seems very peculiar but at least you have it now. Save it using a name that is appropriate for you in case you need it again in the future.

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    A easy way to install MS Server Management Studio or SSMS is download the Microsoft Web Platform. Anything dealing with IIS or ASP.NET will be in the Microsoft Web Platform installer.

    The URL to Microsoft Web Platform 2.0 installer is

    Once the Microsoft Web Platform is installed look in database tools


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