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    I am looking for a system that will support simultaneous access by a couple of users to a single OneNote file of about 1Gb NOTE: file is *.one

    Each user has their own OneNote copy

    If I understand, OneNote requires that the served file not be locked by individual users, but that the MS OneNote handles that.

    We use it also as a white board and it is very concurrent.
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    Still don't quite understand the application. We support numerous ASP.Net web applications, and file locks is typically dictated by how you code the program not the server. The only condition we impose is that it cannot be installed directly on the server. But if this web applications is a .Net web applications, you should be able to upload the assemblies in your applications Bin folder and use it.
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    more on OneNote

    From what I read various places, OneNote generates a file *.one

    It can generate that file on some kind of Windows server. Then anybody with OneNote on their machine can then open that file with their OneNote application while others do the same.

    Actions are nearly concurrent on all users and there is a provision for going offline and having the user synched automatically upon reconnect.

    It works fairly well in a peer to peer scheme over the internet.
  4. Web functionality uses Office Web Apps, which require a supported Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browser and either SharePoint Foundation 2010 or a Windows Live ID.

    Looks like you can use Windows Live. But otherwise it needs SharePoint, and we don't offer that.

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