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  1. I just inherited maintenance of a Joomla! website that was originally hosted on a Linux server with Apache. Recently, I switched the site so that it is now hosted by Winhost (I just copied the files over from the old site and imported the old site's database). The site is up and running, but there is one big issue: I can't gain access to the admin CP. When I try to log in, I get two errors: one that the username and password do not match, and another that "Could not instantiate mail function". I have confirmed that the username that I'm using is correct, and I have tried changing the password in the database to see if that fixed anything, but no dice. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else I could try?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. The php mail() function isn't going to work (I assume that's what Joomla is looking for), but you can set up mail to use SMTP. Check out this post.

    How did you change the password in the database? I'm no Joomla expert, but I'd bet that you can't just drop a plain text password into the database.
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  3. I wonder if the database connection string is correct? You might want to check that, a config file somewhere that holds the db login. If you are resetting the password but still can't log in, it's something to look at.

    Otherwise, you might have better results posting on a Joomla forum, where they've dealt with a lockout like that. We don't necessarily have a lot of Joomla experts around here.

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