Monthly Bandwidth Allowance - what happens if exceeded?

Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by joeOz, Sep 11, 2012.

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    I already signed up and happy so far, but just wondering what exactly happens if the Monthly Bandwidth/Data Transfer allowance is exceeded?

    Are visitors to the site likely to see an error page, page not found, or... ?
  2. We continue to serve up the site as normal, but the billing department is going to email you and let you know it's time to move to an account with a higher bandwidth quota.
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    Just a couple a more things to add.

    You guys can always check the Usage Meter within the control panel.

    Click on the "Sites" tab at the top. Or simply click here:

    Click on "Manage" next to the site you wish to manage.

    Then click on the box "Usage Meter".

    This will tell you how much Disk Space you are using and how much Bandwidth you are using.

    If you see you are running out of Bandwidth. Then you can always upgrade to a higher plan. To learn how to upgrade your hosting account please read our knowledge base article here:

    Winhost BASIC Plan - You get 50 GB of monthly bandwidth transfer.

    Winhost MAX Plan - You get 200 GB of monthly bandwidth transfer.

    Winhost ULTIMATE Plan - You get 500 GB of monthly bandwidth transfer.
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