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  1. Hi, I have an application that is sold as SaaS. The current implementation indicates that each customer gets an address to access to a copy of the application, for example:

    Each "customer*" folder is a physical folder under the root, set up as a virtual directory (application, actually), and as mentioned, both have a copy of the application.

    So here's the first question... would this be supported in Winhost? (I understand that they'll share the same application pool, that would not be a problem). In case it is, should this setup be done using the IIS manager tool?

    The other question is related to the memory limit impossed based on the plan selected. Let's say for basic which is 100 mb, what would happen when that limit is reached? The application pool gets recycled automatically?
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    It seems like you have been doing your own research already.

    Yes, you can put multiple subfolders and mark them as application starting points. In fact you can use our Application Starting point tool in our control panel to do this. Please read our knowledge base article What is the Application Starting Point tool?

    Exactly, the application pool will auto recycle if the memory limit is reached.

    On the Basic plan we provide you with 100 MB of RAM Memory for the application pool.

    On the Max we provide 200 MB

    and on the Ultimate plan we provide you with 300 MB of RAM memory.
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  3. I am guessing that the 100 MB Limit to be imposed is HARD DISK Space (Not Ram Memory) - Right ?
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    No, the limit imposed is on RAM (Random Access Memory), not hard disk space. We have different limits for hard disk space, and you can view those details here.
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