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  1. Hello,

    I just want to make sure, when I run the MediaWiki installer it reports there is no Object Caching and WinCache cannot be found.

    I checked with phpinfo.php and I'm not seeing WinCache at all. While looking over things online I decided to stop and ask about it.

    While it seems I can install MediaWiki as is, I'm curious why WinCache is not apparently an option?

    Also MediaWiki is recommending 64bit now but the architechture my site is on is 32bit, They report some issues with calendars and directories are known with 32bit, any plans to upgrade soon?

    I was looking through the KB and Forum but searches come up dry on info about this.
    I was looking to enable memory for object caching such as WinCache since it is recommended but don't see any info on the PHP setup for it.
    I haven't looked at the GNU or Git notifications yet but if you want to provide input on those too, that may save me some time.

    Note I did find that GoDaddy has this installed so I'm curious why we don't get to use it here since it has been apparently 8 years since the last time someone here asked about it.

    I did see the .user.ini information in the KB and tried to activate a wincache feature and verified it is not available, the wincache and the 64bit are the main things I'm looking at for functionality and performance reliability so any info about it I will appreciate.

    If there is a better IIS method php can reference I am open to working that out as well but I need MediaWiki to recognize it for my project.

    Here is the report:

    Welcome to MediaWiki!
    Environmental checks
    Basic checks will now be performed to see if this environment is suitable for MediaWiki installation. Remember to include this information if you seek support on how to complete the installation.

    PHP 7.0.10 is installed.
    Warning: Could not find APCu, XCache or WinCache.
    Object caching is not enabled.

    GNU diff3 not found.
    Found GD graphics library built-in.
    Image thumbnailing will be enabled if you enable uploads.

    Git version control software not found.
    Using server name "".
    Using server URL "".
    Warning: Your default directory for uploads E:\\\\mediawiki/images/ is vulnerable to arbitrary scripts execution.
    Although MediaWiki checks all uploaded files for security threats, it is highly recommended to close this security vulnerability before enabling uploads.

    Using the intl PECL extension for Unicode normalization.
    Warning: your system appears to be running with 32-bit integers. This is not advised.
    The environment has been checked. You can install MediaWiki.
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    WinCache is disabled because we've had mixed results having it enabled. At times, it has resulted in decreased performance.

    I believe the application pool is set to support both 32/64-bit. I don't how this applies to and affects PHP based apps though. If you want, you could always open up a support ticket to have the 32-bit mode disabled.

    Is this on their Linux platform or Windows platform? It's been a while since I've checked, so I don't remember what their settings were. WinCache probably runs fine on their Linux platform.

    You should be able to use IIS Manager to disable any scripts processing in that directory.
  3. Elshadriel,

    Thank you for your reply and research on this.

    I certainly don't want you all to compromise your system, but do hope that certain common features like WinCache can be worked out in the future. It wouldn't be under Linux because it is actually a Microsoft supported feature to enhance the system. Yet on a shared system I can see how this can become challenging. Yet IMO if the files produced by each account is controlled with Active Directory then the files produced by those accounts would be accessible to those accounts specified within the group policy. If accounts outside the policy are automatically denied access to what they are not allowed in the memory space and or get resource not found responses for what they are not allowed those accounts can be throttled if they exceed the amount of responses within a period of time. So I understand if none of this has been done and it is some work to find the right balance for what you intend to offer, but as a customer I have to consider all my options going forward for what I would like to be able to do as I'm sure you understand. Whatever you all think is best for your business I respect that, you all have been great for me over the years and I would hate to have to find something different if I start seeing performance issues.

    32bit to 64bit
    As far as the 64 bit issues, the php report shows that the file structure and architecture being used is 32bit (x86), I'm not sure why but I don't have a way to toggle it if I'm on a 64bit server and it does not show in any way that it is available. The program wouldn't be in the x86 directory if it were 64 bit. So the machine when calling for the php service is delivering the 32bit engine. When I look at the machine info in the report it shows that the architecture is 32bit. So I assume my whole entire site is on 32bit. The ticket I assume would be to move my site to a 64bit server, is that an available option? I don't mind starting over if it is. The issues are with directory size and some date management as well as future versions are not expected to support 32 bit in the years to come. I actually have run into issues like this elsewhere and I wouldn't want to start over half way through the project.

    Fortunately the mediawiki image directory I can manage both with IIS and with the .user.ini thank you for covering this too, I appreciate it.
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    Regarding WinCache, if you really need it enabled, take a look at our partner's Cloud hosting platform, Everleap ( They've enabled it for some customers over there and have had better results. Regarding the 64-bit PHP. What version are you currently running? I did some research, and it seems only PHP 7 provides full 64-bit support. You have the option to change that in the Control Panel.
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  5. Hi Elshadriel,

    Thank you for providing that option.

    I looked at it closer and as you can see in the following notes from the phpinfo.php function that the system architecture is reporting 32bit where my site is being hosted now this could possibly be due to the configuration command restricting to 32bit. The windows version requires 64bit to run so this means that the PHP is being forced to run in 32bit or perhaps the application installed is only the 32 bit version of the PHP software is installed here. I'm not too sure why the PHP is being forced as 32bit since to my knowledge its not necessarily preferred anymore given the length of urls, directorys and other data that is limited in 32bit mode.

    With this do you still think a ticket would be ok to do for getting 64 bit configuration command for PHP 7?

    PHP Version 7.0.10

    Windows NT W15 6.2 build 9200 (Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition) i586


    Configure Command:
    cscript /nologo configure.js "--enable-snapshot-build" "--enable-debug-pack" "--disable-zts" "--with-pdo-oci=c:\php-sdk\oracle\x86\instantclient_12_1\sdk,shared" "--with-oci8-12c=c:\php-sdk\oracle\x86\instantclient_12_1\sdk,shared" "--enable-object-out-dir=../obj/" "--enable-com-dotnet=shared" "--with-mcrypt=static" "--without-analyzer" "--with-pgo"

    Loaded Configuration File:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\v7.0\php.ini

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