mapping each subdomain to separate folder

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by adam, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. You have good subdomain support. but i think it is not enough ..

    in reality, all of them will work on the same directory (root -->

    yes i know i can redirect all subdomains with programming technics but it is waste of time..

    mapping each subdomain to separate folder might be better ...

    what do u think ?
  2. Ray


    Yeah, it would but in a Windows hosting platform setup as a shared hosting environment this is not possible.
  3. Not to overstate the obvious, but in the time it took to register for the forum and make your post you could have created the page/code to direct 50 subdomains to different directories.

    When it comes to web site hosting, the less you pay the more you should expect that you might have to accommodate your needs to the platform. Could we develop a system that would allow you to host a thousand different domains on one site? Sure we could. We could give you those thousand domains for free too, maybe give you a nice backrub when you are tense, and wash your car every Friday.

    But we are a business. We love what we do and we want to provide the best hosting platform available for the cost, and I think we do that. But as a business, we have to make a profit or the business dies and everyone loses. If you like it here, you should want us to succeed. And for us to succeed, it is not always in our interest to make things even less expensive for the user than they already are.

    You will not hear another host admit that, but it is as true for every one of them as it is for us.

    The value of our hosting will always be very high, because we strive for the best quality. But this is a two way relationship. We can't give you the whole farm while we are only charging you for a dozen eggs. If you want breakfast you've got to get into the kitchen with us and do some cooking, baby! ;)
  4. Hank i love your answers, always honest and meaningful :)

    And i agree with you, i had problems with subdomains and multiple domains, but i figured out how to use url rewriting which fixed my problem, as a result of that AJAX stopped working so i just used silverlight :).

    Love the quality i pay for :D
  5. Ah - I agree with Adam. The URL Rewrite is a PITA. I write C++ trading apps, and regular expressions are always garbage to work with.

    ALMOST EVERYONE WOULD VOTE FOR THIS. Up your price a dollar or two a month - so what? You love what you do - so take on the challenge.
  6. Find me one windows host who offers true unlimited domains for a price anywhere near Winhosts one and i will agree with you
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  7. You can find plenty, but they're all garbage. I've used a ton of hosts, and Winhost is better at everything related to performance and value by miles.

    Still, would it not be nice to have some features if it didn't screw up what's already there?
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  8. We're always adding things here and there. But the subdomain mapping in this environment isn't as simple as it might appear on the surface.

    Is this Knowledge Base article lacking? Could it be better? We can always change it if you think there is a better method. It's a common question, so the answer we provide should be straightforward and understandable.
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  9. No, that's a fine example (short of being in VBScript - lol ).

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