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Discussion in 'Third-party applications' started by earlibir, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Hi folks. Newb trying to find a login software program that can integrate with the mail server ( At least I found that out).

    Any pointers welcomed and appreciated.
  2. Digg, not an answer. Moreover, I need to send more than 40 emails to different recipients at a time.
  3. Can you elaborate? Im not sure what you mean.
  4. Integrate how?

    No can do. There is a limitation on the number of recipients per message. You might want to work out a method to send to one recipient at a time.

    If you need to send bulk email we suggest using a third party service such as Constant Contact, etc.
  5. I was not sure what I meant. Ok. I need some login software so paying customers could log in for the content they pay for. After doing rudimentary research (Digg was right but the sarcastic implication was not appreciated), I saw the system was already in the ASPX toolbox. The problem is there needs to be a way to manage the database of users but the website administration tool is not available in Expression Web 3, which is what I have. Moreover, emails must be sent to the customers for confirmation (The need to send more than 40 emails was a mistake).

    MS directed me to install Visual Studio Express which also came with SQL Server Express 2008 R2. I did not check it out yet but I hope whatever it does works on the server with the SQL 2008 server available to me once the site is uploaded.

    Please remember I am a newb.

    True. These are the place that generat all the junk mail I presume. I forsee the need to send and update notice to the list of customers, which I hope will be more than 40.

    Thanks for the pointer Hank.

    Sorry Chuck, I forgot to quote you. The latest answer to this is above.

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