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  1. Hey Filas !
    Please confirm what happens in case of account suspension for a relatively long period.
    do I loose my saved items ( Projects ) and what happens if I attached a database on your SQL Server for the use of the project?
  2. Ray


    Since we are on a month to month plan you basically have til the end of the month to get a backup copy of your website and database if you choose not to renew your account at the beginning of the month.

    If your account is canceled we may be able to check our storage server and see if we have a backup of your site or database, but please understand that we can only keep a limited time of the backup of our customers site and database. Because we host a number of sites and database we simply do not have the space to hold a permanent backup of them.

    Additionally the backups we do are for our own internal use in case of a system wide failure where we will need to restore our servers from the backup we perform. Because of that reason, we encourage and suggest that our customers perform there own routine backup and copies of their site and database.
  3. And as it says here, technically, our services do not include backup storage of your web site. You should not consider our backups to be your complete back up strategy.

    We strongly recommend that you keep a current backup of your site files and database.
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