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Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Derek Wirch, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. I've been self hosted for about ten years, and the time has come to release my infrastructure, and choose a host for my site.

    In preparation for this, I've been comparing hosting plans from a variety of different vendors, and have recently found your service. I've been considering the Max plan, but there are a few questions that I have, and I am hoping someone over there can answer them for me.

    1. Are static IP addresses available?

    2. Currently, sitemaps are generated through the admin portion of my CMS. This function writes files to the disk in the root folder. Can I continue to write the files via script? or do I need to find another solution? Or is as simple as changing permissions on a file and/or directory, as with a regular Windows server?

    3. Similar question as #2; from time to time, I include files or pictures with posts, which are uploaded through the admin interface. These are uploaded to a subdirectory. Can this functionality remain? Or do I need to retain a CDN and update current site content?

    4. In building my CMS, I've included a number of "gatekeeper" scripts which watch the site for me, logging breach and/or spam attempts, and blocking those IP addresses. Sometimes the script gets confused, and marks certain entries for my review. As a part of that review, I usually check the IIS log files for the activity of the suspicious host. Will I still have access to IIS logfiles with the Max plan?

    Sorry for so many questions, but thank you in advance for fielding them!
  2. Just thought of another one, kind of related to the IP address question above.

    Can I keep my domain name(s) at my current registrar? I'm pretty happy with them, and I'd like to be able to simply point my domain name at a particular IP address, etc.
  3. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    1. Yes, you will need to install an SSL Certificate in order to obtain one.

    2. You have full permissions to write to your web disk space, so yes, you can continue just as before.

    3. This functionality can remain.

    4. You will only have access to the HTTP logs. If you need other logs, you will need to open a support ticket and make a request for them. Things like the Event Logs are not readily available to you.

    And yes, you can keep your domain at your current registrar. You just need to point the name servers to us or update your DNS records.
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