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  1. This is my first Orchard CMS web site, which I made for my wife:

    Jesus Is My Guru

    It is using a Wordpress theme, which I ported for Orchard. There is still much work to be done on the site - but it has been live since Feb 9th, and has already generated much attention (according to google analytics). Of course its popularity is due to my wife's magic, not my site building skills. :)
  2. That actually looks great, and I'm impressed by how much work you've put into OrchardCMS. This is one of the best Orchard sites I've been in a while, and I think you're doing great work with this application.

  3. Ray


    I suggest you optimize the images in your How To Guide. Several images get loaded, and if you right click on it and go to the properties, the size of the images appear to be small on the page but the actual image is larger. You may want to manually resize them so that it loads much faster. You can use tools such as MS Paint, but other imaging tool can do it better.
  4. @Ray: thanks for the note about the images. The wife doesn't understand this dynamic, and I've not been watching what she uploads. I'll go save the day. :)

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