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  1. Hi Winhost team, I have two questions I would like to be answered:

    1.- Are the servers virtual machines or physical servers?.
    2.- How the IIS cache is managed in ASP.NET applications?, I mean If my hosted Asp.net application have variables on IIS cache, will these variables override other third party application's variables?
    3.- Could you please provide me with statistics about the up time and down time of the servers?.

    I am planning to buy the Winhost MAX plan(around $10/month).

    Thanks a lot for your response, please could you reply to ivaqmo@gmail.com


  2. Ray


    1. The servers are physical servers.

    2. Each Site account resides on its own application pool. So every session and variables will exist in that application pool.

    3. There's really no way to answer that. Even though we strive to keep a 100% uptime, routine scheduled maintenance can require the servers to be rebooted. Additionally, emergency maintenance such as a security patch can also require the server to be rebooted. Emergency maintenance such as these cannot be scheduled but we try to limit them and plan it out accordingly.
  3. This is a tricky question, because virtual servers still run on physical servers. The difference is the ability to run multiple O/S versions on one physical box. So you could ask a host that question and they could be hosting your site on a virtual server, but still (semi-honestly) answer that your site will be on a physical server.

    Anyway, Ray gave you the answer; we don't run any virtual servers at this time. There are a lot of advantages to them though (for you and for us), so we don't rule it out as a future option.

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