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  1. Hello All,

    I am new on Winhost. I have a domain name registered elsewhere. and now I hosted it on the Winhost server. my question is the browses (IE, firefox) still show my old webpages hosted on another company. How should I do to display my new webpages hosted on Winhost.

    Another question, I created a submain on Winhost. but I cannot see the folder using ftp.


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  2. Ray


    Have you made sure you contacted your registrar and updated the name servers?

    Use this link to check the whois record of your domain name.

    Type in your domain name without the 'www'. It will give you information of your domain name. Look through it and find the section marked 'Name Servers' or something to that label.

    If it is not showing,, then you'll need to contact your registrar and have them update it.
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