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    I am interested in testing ironspeed applications (its a .net app generator) and they have some deployment requirements specific to hosting environments.

    I was looking for some help in determining whether there could be issues - primarily for the section named web server - which I reproduce below:

    The web application must be installed in the web root or a Virtual Directory must be created for the application. Some hosting providers do not create a Virtual Directory for each application. If a Virtual Directory cannot be created, the hosting service will not be able to host an Iron Speed Designer created application.

    When a Virtual Directory is created, it is either set to run under a specific user (Anonymous mode) or using Windows authentication. Since it is unlikely that hosting providers give you access to their domain, please request that the virtual directory is created in the Anonymous mode under the IUSR_<MachineName> or the ASPNET user.

    Is that likely to be an issue?
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    When most people mention virtual directory they typically mean setting a folder as an application folder where it is the application starting poinit. If that is the case then yes, our system is able to do this. Try looking at this kb article about our application starting point feature.

    By default all our accounts have full read and write permission to the ASPNet IUSR. But you may want to increase the trust mode. By default it is set to medium and can affect security policies so setting it to either High or Full will be helpful.

    It is impossible for us to test every product that is out on the market but base off what you said, I see no reason why this will not work on our servers. You may want to contact the vendors directly and check with them if their product will work within a shared hosting configuration running on Windows 2008/IIS 7. Also our only main restriction for the usage of application is to not install it directly on the server. If this is a .Net application with a manage code architecture it should not be a problem. You can simply upload the component in your applications 'Bin' folder and reference the assemblies from there.
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