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  1. Now that SmarterMail 7 has been as been installed.

    How do I connect to the new active sync through my phone?
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  3. Hi Ray,
    Like I said above, I have an iPhone and yes I went to their site and tried setting it up. It looks like it's a setting you need to activate on the back end for us to use.
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    What exactly is the error message and in what process/step is it failing during the configuration?
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    I just confirmed with our email administrator and I'm afraid "Exchange ActiveSync" is not supported on our shared email servers.
  6. Hi Ray,
    Now I am a little frustrated. When the email that went out about the upgrade http://forum.Winhost.com/showthread.php?t=7937
    It talks about the statement below:

    Synchronization Center
    To help users determine which desktop applications and mobile devices can be synced with SmarterMail, SmarterTools developed the synchronization center. When users access the synchronization center from the webmail interface, they'll be able to see the available synchronization protocols for each application/device and view a list of their current sync connections.

    It has a link to http://www.smartertools.com/smartermail/mobile-sync-mail-server.aspx

    Now why would you advertise that?

    Please tell me you are going to turn the service on, I know it is available for hosted email, some other web hosting providers offer it.

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  7. Ray


    I understand your frustration but there are some things we simply cannot support on our shared hosting platform. The links you provide are links to SmarterMail and they advertise all the features they have available. We ourselves did not create SmarterMail but licensed it through SmarterTools. The company that made SmarterMail. Here are some of the things we disabled with SmarterMail 7 because we simply cannot support it due to the shared hosting infrastructure.

    Active sync: http://www.smartertools.com/smartermail/mobile-sync-mail-server.aspx

    File storage:
    Mail sig:

    Zero hour: http://www.smartertools.com/smartermail/mail-server-antivirus.aspx

    Now obviously one would ask if these things are built in then why can't they be used. The same question can be asked with the operating system Windows 2008 which we currently run off on. If terminal service is built into Windows 2008 then why can we not use it? Well, yes these features in Windows 2008 is built in and can be used but they work best and not compromised security if you are the only one on the server. But this is a shared hosting environment and thus to protect the security of the other accounts we host and to make sure that the resources of the servers are protected in a way so that everyone has fair and equal utilization of them then certain features even if it is built into the system must be disabled.
  8. Thanks Ray for the reply.
    This does suck. I wish there was a better way to get to my email from my iPhone and iPad. I know about IMAP but with the activesync I could do so much more.

    One last question,
    If the feature is not available, why do we have the Synchronization Center available to us through webmail?

    I am not trying to be ignorant. I am just curious. SM should diable the text of ActiveSync if it is not available.
  9. Ray


    Not every feature of SmarterMail's synchronization abilities are disabled. Some synchronizing features for outlook are supported. If you want to synchronize your IPhone try looking at CalDav or CardDave.
  10. Hello, I am Jeff Hardy from SmarterTools.

    We have a good public white paper on synchronization with SmarterMail--including iPhones, Blackberry, and other mobile devices. It covers multiple methods such as ActiveSync, SyncML, Funambol, IMAP, and much more.

    You can find that white paper on the SmarterMail Resources page:

    The specific white paper PDF is here:

    Be well,
  11. Thanks Jeff!

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