IMAP in Outlook 2007 problem

Discussion in 'Email' started by ceestand, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. I'm trying to set up an e-mail account in Outlook 2007.

    Email address is [myaddress]@[mydomain].com
    Username is [myaddress]@[mydomain].com
    Password is my e-mail account's password
    Incoming mail server is set to mail.[mydomain].com. Port 143
    Outgoing mail server is set to mail.[mydomain].com. Port 587

    I hit test message and Outlook says it's "Log onto incoming mail server" "Completed" and "Sent test e-mail message" "Completed"

    However, it doesn't pull down any mail. The Outlook test messages appear in my inbox in webmail. Mail sent from an account on another domain gets an undeliverable message saying my [myaddress]@[mydomain].com address does not exist.
  2. Ray


    Open your Outlook and go the IMAP profile and on the Inbox icon of your IMAP profile. Right click on it and choose IMAP folders. This should open a new window. Click on Query if you do not see the folder Inbox. Highlight that folder and click on the subscribe button. You may need to close and open your Outlook again and you should see the emails in your inbox.
  3. Thanks for the reply, but no good. I followed your instructions and the Inbox folder did not have a folder icon next to it before subscribing. No mail gets pulled down. This was the result of sending a message to the account from a domain I added as trusted:

    I didn't get the message, but have received mail from other domains (Google).

    I did try creating a new IMAP account for another address and it appears that this one is pulling down mail, but I still get an undeliverable message:
  4. Ray


    Did you click on the button 'Query'? Try that to get your Outlook to query the email server and see the Inbox folder.

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