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  1. Hi,

    I have one site hosted with Winhosts and two domains which point to this site - the first one (www.catandalexwedding.co.uk) should point to the root of the site which it does correctly.

    The second is www.sharepointalex.co.uk which used to point at my blog that was hosted with fasthosts. I have now configured this to point at Winhosts.

    I am trying to get users redirected to when they hit www.sharepointalex.co.uk it should redirect them to www.sharepointalex.co.uk/blog which is an application starting point on my Winhosts site and contains my blog.

    I cannot get the IIS URL Rewrite rule to work at all.

    www.sharepointalex.co.uk is currently a domain pointer.

    Can someone tell me how to correctly create the rule? I can setup the pattern and testing it makes it match but the users dont get redirected.

    Thanks in advance,

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