IIS Mannager no longer connects to my site

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  1. Hi,
    the other day I set up IIS 7 Manager and connected to my site, but when I tried to do the same thing today I found out I can't connect. The error returned by IIS is "401. Unauthorized", as if the password is incorrect but it isn't. (I used the same saved connection).
    I can't remember changing anything other than uploading some files on the root. I'm really new to IIS , does this server search for any specific files on the remote host and fail if they can't be found ? Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Ray


    The error "401. Unauthorized" can be causd by any number of things.

    First make sure you are choosing Connect to Site and not Connect to Server. This is often a common mistake.

    Second make sure that the domain name is pointing to the correct IP address. It should be the Winhost server's IP address. You can find the IP address of the web server your site is on by going to the control panel/Site Info Manager. Ping your domain name and if they both match then they are pointing to the correct web server.

    Remember, when you are typing the values on the IIS 7 Manager, the 'Server Name' is actually the web server, so if your domain name don't point to our web server, you can use the IP address of the web server or the secondary URL that comes with your account.

    The site name is your domain name without 'www'. As an example if your domain name is www.mydomain.com, then you will type under the site name 'mydomain.com'.
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  3. Thanks. I've double checked these things and they are correctly set. As I said, I did connect OK several times the very first day I tried it. Then suddenly this very connection stopped working.
  4. Ray


    There's not enough information to really diagnose this problem.

    Look at your IIS 7 Manager when you are trying to log in.

    On the last window which should be labeled as Provide Credentials, where you are inputting your username and password, at the top of that text bar you should see text that reads...

    Connecting to "something".

    What does it say?
  5. I'm afraid the info is limited indeed.

    It says Connecting to "xn5xakeu.w02.Winhost.com/xn--5xak.eu".

    Then I changed the name of the site just in case, so that IISM also tried "xn5xakeu.w02.Winhost.com/xn5xakeu" with identical results...

    I should add that I also attempted to connect from my laptop on which I had a fresh IIS Manager installation (same results here too). So it seems to me that the problem doesn't come from the PC.
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  6. Ray


    I suggest you log into your hosting control and open a ticket to our support department about this issue. I suspect it maybe due to the dashes in yoru domain name '--'.


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