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  1. I downloaded IIS 7 Manager, installed it, ran it, select - New site -

    I read online that one can find their login info on Site Tools on the website -
    Under IIS manager, I just have my username, but not the name of the server, so I used the secondary URL - mydomain.w01.Winhost.com - couldn't find anything else.

    I tried to connect and the error was (401) unauthorized.

    I am thinking that this is definitely not the right URL to use for the IIS 7 Manager... or... am I just not authorized to access my IIS from my desktop?

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  2. From the IIS Manager file menu bar, select "Connect to a Site..." to start the connection wizard.

    On the first screen, enter the following information (your site login information can be found in the Site Tools section of Control Panel):

    Server name: Your alternate URL address (excluding the "http://" portion)
    Site name: Your domain name

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