If I bought a domain name from you ...

Discussion in 'DNS/Domain names' started by ianmc, May 14, 2012.

  1. is there anything that would stop me from selling it to someone else for millions of dollars?

    I'd just like to add that it is a .com domain and I would not be adverse to donating a percentage of the sale to Winhost because I love you guys!
  2. I would further like to add

    That if you do an internet search for

    good fun things

    you will find it :)

    and if you are feeling generous please feel free to submit it to any and all search engines, especially obscure ones.

    Thank you

    C'mon guys, everyone's seen the Winhost engineers on the street corners with signs 'WILL CODE FOR FOOD'

    Let's help em' out!

  3. Yes, there is one thing that would stop you: finding someone willing to pay millions of dollars or a domain name.

    Those days are kind of past, and domain names don't bring the ridiculous sums that they used to. Unless you have something really generic that a really big company wants. But you don't.

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