I Need few answers before I transfer my site to winhost.com

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  1. Hi to all developers/programmers, and to all who can help me on this transition!

    1. My site is: www.americanhandmadecrafts.com
    This is a site created to offer other artists a space where they can sell and advertise their art/crafts. Just as Wholesalecrafts.com, Etsy.com, Rubylane.com, etc.

    2. I'm creating my site with yahoo sitebuilder.
    3. I need a dynamic, data-processor, web hosting system to make my site work as a pro site.

    4. I have been with yahoo for almost 3 years now, but they do not support data-generators, or custom forms, and I need these features for my site to work properly.

    5. I need a site builder where I can create for example, a form to "add a new item" This way I don't have to do this for the artists, and as part of the service, they will be allowed to upload their images, enter the item info, and then once submitted, the image will appear in their artist gallery. The image must have the shopping cart also integrated once a customer clicks on the add to cart.

    I also have 2 sections in the site: 1. Artists that sell only at retail prices, and 2. Artists intereted only in selling at wholesale prices and only to retailers.
    -This means, that I need a page where the retailers and wholesale artists must register, login, etc. This section should be totaly private.

    6. I have also create my own templates, bars, webpages design. If I decide to use Winhost, I need to know if I can still creating my own pages, or do I have to use one of your templates?

    7. What will be the process to transfer, How do I start? This is the first time I do this...
    There are so many details!!!

    Please, help!:confused::(:eek:
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  2. Ray


    We actaully do not have any template sites we can offer to our customers. So if you have you own site and you want it to upload it to our server you simply register an account and upload all your sites to our server via FTP. We should be able to support any .Net application. Once you got the site up on our Winhost server, post the URL and we'll help critique it for you.
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