I hope these anti-spam measures are coming soon

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by ianmc, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. because I'm getting hammered here :(

    the emails are all the same self-defense, Amazon Customer Service (claim your reward), Friggin 'Trump'

    Tesla Technology

    X-mas clearance

    Macy's star rewards

    BJ's Promotional credit

    Have an affair

    etc. etc.

    I keep blocking senders and marking them as spam

    I get up to 100 per day
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  3. We are always adjusting the spam filter settings and generally tightening them, but we can only tighten so far without risking false positives. Most people consider losing a legitimate message to a spam filter to be a pretty bad thing. Understandably.

    We're investigating a third-party solution that we may offer that allows some pretty deep control of your mail and spam configuration. We should have more on that early next year if we decide to go with it and make it available.

    But for the most part that is the best way to go: individual control. You have it in SmarterMail now, but granted, it's a bit complicated.

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