I cannot set a starting page for my website

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  1. hi
    i set the starting point from the control panel to a specific folder that contains only one HTML page but that didn`t work.

    it still direct me to a specific HTML start page in the root.

    i changed the starting page from the Visual studio many times to the aspx page that i want but it all not working.

    then i removed that HTML page which the site still directing me to it, now the site direct me to the folder directory where all my pages appear.

    help me please :( :(
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  3. no start page in my website please help

    my friends that is my website, i already set a start page but i get no start page after i upload it, what is the matter??????
  4. Is your default page main.aspx? If so, you have to change the order of the default document so that main.aspx is first. By default the server looks for index.*
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  6. thank you my friend it worked
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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