I can send emails from SmarterMail. Can't receive any though

Discussion in 'Email' started by jerotas, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. I sent an email to my yahoo from SmarterMail, and I got it. But when I replied from Yahoo back, it never showed up. I also sent a different email from Yahoo there as well. It also never showed up. I waited about 20 minutes.

    How to troubleshoot this? I didn't receive any error or "bounced" emails.
  2. I've got the same problem. It would be good to know why this is happening.

  3. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    Please open up a support ticket so we can look further into the issue.
  4. I think this wasn't working because my domain hadn't transferred yet or something. Now this works, however I haven't been able to get email forwarding to work at all.
  5. ComputerMan

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    You might want to read our knowledge base article on What is email forwarding?

    Otherwise can you please be a little more detailed so we can understand your issue.
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  6. Ok, that link is worded confusingly. What I want to be able to do is forward email my Winhosted account receives (x@brianhunsaker.net) to my Yahoo email so that I don't have to go log into SmarterMail to see if I have an email.

    Most people I know that have their own domain have things set up in this fashion, so I assume that yours is the same. However, even when I have set my Yahoo email address as the forwarding address, I never receive any notice when my brianhunsaker.net account gets an email.

    Please advise.
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  7. Elshadriel

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    To setup forwarding for an account already created in SmarterMail:

    1) Click on the Settings (cog) icon on the menu to your left.
    2) Make sure My Settings -> Account Settings is highlighted.
    3) Click on the Forwarding tab to your right.
    4) Enter the Forwarding Address and click on Save.

    If you're not receiving the messages, try checking the spam folder in your Yahoo account.
  8. What a coincidence...that is exactly the way I already have it set up...but Yahoo never gets the forwarded email. And it's not in my SPAM folder either, I have checked. Is there a way to check if it's actually getting forwarded? I've send 4 test emails, never got one notification in Yahoo.
  9. Go back to account setting and disable greylising. Send another email, it should go through this time.

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