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  1. This is my startup business. It's an online suggestion box, customer feedback site. If you've seen the "Feedback" links at the bottom of websites, or the "How are we doing" verbiage on store receipts, that's the kind of thing Suggest-o-rama is for. The research I did turned up competitors who were mostly high end...tons of features, large monthly fees. So I'm targeting small businesses and self-employed, with fees that are miniscule compared to others.

    Tell me what you think, or better the lower right of the home page is a "Feedback" it and give it a try.


    (And BTW, Winhost has been great in every regard so far. Very pleased!)
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  2. Ray


    Why didn't you register your domain name as Its more closely associated to your actual business name. No offense but suggestorama is kind of hard to really make out. I kind of see it as suggest or ama which is a little misleading. If you can try registering

    and set it as a domain pointer to
  3. I'm with Ray here. This might be one of the few valid uses for a domain with hyphens.

    The site itself is okay. It's simple, and I'm partial to yellow, but it might be abrasive for a lot of people. And I think you need to make it more obvious what you are offering. The first page should be all about communicating what you have to offer. The details can go elsewhere.
  4. Good input. Must be the backend programmer in me that avoids characters like dashes :)


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