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  1. Little Feet Child Care

    I posted this about a week ago and the thread disappeared (or was deleted?). I'm not sure what happened. But here it is again.
  2. I like the site a lot very simple, runs fast, looks good. Job well done chad. Did you build this from scratch or use a template, third party app, etc.?
  3. Thanks!

    I've been developing software for the desktop for several years but this is my first web project. I built the site from scratch and I worked with a graphic designer for the layout and artwork (I'd highly recommend her work if anyone is looking to hire a designer -- let me know).

    Things learned:
    • Javascript is EXTREMELY flexible but quirky
    • I need a better plan for how I handle CSS. My CSS for this site feels a little messy to me but don't have anything to compare it against
    • Winhost ROCKS! Love this service. Cheap, fast, easy-to-use
    • Web programming is a different beast from desktop client/server development
    • Internet Explorer 7 and earlier is the epitome of crap
  4. Ray


  5. Ahhhh, thanks. I've read a few articles and blogs on this topic but there are a couple good tips in there I haven't seen before.
  6. Very nice site, I love the simple layout, the color scheme and the photos.

    Good job for your first site.

    CSS/HTML and Javascript of course are a major pain to get used to after coming from desktop programming myself as well but once you get the hang of it you will love the power of it.

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