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  1. Hi all in Winhost,

    The is the site of an entertainment organization. The company deals with music recording, PA Sound system services, web development and more. The site has been recently redeveloped in Visual Studio 2010 and that replaced previous FrontPage site.

    It is a brand new site and has just been deployed and may not be accessible. If that is the case, please browse it's secondary url:

    Please let me know about your browsing experience.

    Please write me at with your comments/feedbacks.
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  2. It's difficult to get past the bold font you use for's kind of unreadable.


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  3. Hi Hank,

    Thanks for your feedback. The site is yet to be tested on browsers other than IE8/9, so, not sure how it would look in older versions of IE as well as in Firefox, and GoogleChrome. Just curious about your version of browser, if you possibly could mention that in your next post, that would be highly appreciated.
  4. The latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.
  5. Sorry about delayed response.

    I made some aesthetic changes to the accordion bars. I tested in IE 8/9 and FireFox and all appeas to be okay. Do you still have problem reaching beyond the accordion bars?
  6. The site navigation does look better and more functional. I would suggest visually matching the color layout only because the middle area of your site distracts more because it is a tan background color. You could blend it like the rest of the blue or purple in the site, just a thought.
  7. I appreciate your comments and suggestions. I will ask the graphic designer to help me out with that.

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