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  1. Hi guys,

    My website is where I create software and computer games for the blind or visually impaired.

    If you know of any blind or visually impaired individuals, please feel free to forward on the link.

    Prior to hosting with win host, my site was written in 2001 using classic asp on top of three ms access 2000 databases. Yuck!

    Late 2010 I took 3 months to rewrite it using 3.5 and sql server 2008.

    Then I found win host to host it at.

    So far, my experience with win host has been outstanding. The service is so easy to use and the features of the control panel have been responsive and reliable. I love it!

    Some advice: don't wait 9 years to upgrade your website!

  2. Site looks good, and thanks for the kind words.

    Ha - well that's no joke, is it. Though it seems to take much less than nine years to fall behind these days.
  3. very true... more like 9 weeks! :)

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