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  1. This site is created 100% out of my own blood and sweat. The basic idea of it is to have dynamic top ten lists such that each item in the list can move up or down based on users ratings. The idea came from having witnessed so many static top ten lists (like top ten lists at pcworld that doesn't allow for user input and gets outdated in a few weeks). If enough users use the site and interact with it, all the lists should stay updated and reflect what the general public is thinking. Furthermore, users are given their own profile page to showcase what they like, sort of like a personal recommendation page so if a friend ever asks what you recommend for tv shows, etc. you can just point them to your profile page instead of reciting the same things over and over again.

    Unfortunately, the site ( isn't getting much traffic but it was/is still a blast creating it and adding features to it! Tell me what you guys think about it, any suggestions/complaints are always welcomed so I can improve it.
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    What are you using for this site? It looks like Most web applications already have a mechanism where forms authentication takes place and creates for them their own profile page.

    Also since this is a site mainly dedicated to "Entertainment" you may want to be a little more flashy with it. Such as a background image.
  3. Very nice, good luck with it. If it doesn't get many hits, at least you can use it in your portfolio..
  4. Thanks for taking a look!
    Actually, I'm not using anything for this site, it's all my own built-from-scratch custom code all the way from the db layers to the code behind to the html, login, email, etc. etc. Oh, with the exception of a little bit of third party software like the text editor and the lightbox for the pictures (when you click an image and it pops up).

    Regarding the site being mainly "Entertainment", I was hoping it'll grow more diverse as I get more users.
    Even the top navigation is dynamic such that if more users rate positively on topics like Automobiles, that topic will actually replace "Entertainment" as the first shown topic on the top nav. But yeah, for now, it's mainly entertainment.

    I've also been looking for a web site designer to give it a bit more spark (like what you said about a background image for certain topics) but so far no luck.

    Thanks! Yep, it's a fun experience regardless of the success of it anyways.

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