How to upload aspx or html files

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  1. Hello,

    Being relatively new to the Winhost hosting, I would like to know below;

    1. whats the procedure in uploading my website from my system.
    2. if its possible to host only the html type of site and then changing it to some other type depending on the file type
    3. i have just registered my website. When connected to filezilla FTP it displays only 1 html page. how to change that and is there a file manager for this purpose

    Please help guide me, since would love to know how to go about it


    leroy M
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  2. You can publish your site project /application using web deploy or FTP method

    There is no problem to host only .html(static page) version of your site although we are specialized in providing ASP.NET hosting environment (active server pages)

    You are probably seeing the Winhost default page, FTP client that you are using to make the connection is a 'file manager' in this case.
    You can upload/download files to and from your site via the FTP client after a successful connection is made.

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