How to upgrade DNN on Winhost?

Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by fontano, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. For the last 6 months, every time I try to upgrade DNN to the latest version... CRASH/BURN/FAIL.
    I have rebuilt my site from scratch so many times now.

    I can install a clean/new version from the App Installer (currently 7.1.2).
    With NO modifications to the website, I follow the DNN Upgrade steps...

    Upload the "upgrade" package to the site, via FTP.
    When I go to run it, there are always errors.. the website doesn't even load fails immediately.

    Since I have no access to the actual server, no methods to troubleshoot or fix.

    What are the DNN Upgrade steps, specifically for Winhost, as the ones from DNN flat out don't work.
    What is different here on these servers, that is causing the failures?

    As DNN is often fixing, and updating their software, I would like to stay at least at least 1 revision from current, if not current.
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  2. ComputerMan

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    If you starting a fresh new install of DNN. Then our App Installer will be updated very soon with the newest version of DNN version 7.2.0

    You also want to make sure that DNN is full trust enabled. Our knowledge base article will show you how to enable full trust for DNN.
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  3. Thank you for updating the install pack to 7.2.0
    I did my resinstall, and it is now at 7.2.0

    I will make note of the Full Trust, when there is the next update.
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  4. So... I tried to do the 7.2.1 Upgrade, and all misery.

    Immediately started to error complaing about Web.Razor, then additional libraries
    Then same as all my attempts to upgrade any version of 7.* resorting to the backup, and hoping that it restores okay.

    Is there anything being done on the install package, to change to older versions of these libraries?
    Has anyone attempted a successful upgrade?

    - Install the 7.2 from Winhost, using the tool.
    - Do a basic configuration of a site
    - Download 7.2.1, do an in-line upgrade (upload the files over the existing directory).
    ..... And experience no issues?
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  5. After HOURS... (about 18)... I finally figured out what was going on... at least appears so.
    FileZilla.. (yes the FTP client)... seems to be corrupting/failing on the file transfers. (I tried several other clients too, and they failed as well).

    I had FileZilla set to have 3 threads, and PASSIVE connections.
    After starting to look after a full restore of my site, I was seeing that the BIN directory, the files were not the right size. (when I did large batch).
    So delete (which takes for ever), re-upload... started to see the pattern.

    So... Cleared everything out. Restored the database.
    Uploaded the site again, this time: ACTIVE connection, and SINGLE THREAD.
    Takes about 10-15 minutes to upload the near 4,000 files.. BUT....
    The restore immediately worked, everything was backup.

    Next... did the same thing with the UPGRADE.
    Again, about 10-15 minutes.
    And Walla.... Upgrade worked on the first try....

    So... Winhost... PLEASE provide a way, that we can upload a .zip file to a directory, and then execute it's decompression, instead of having to upload thousands of files, individually.
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  6. ComputerMan

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    Wow fontano I'm glad you resolved your issue and provided us with the reason why it was failing. I'm sure it will help someone else out.

    As for unzipping files on the web server. I'm sorry but we can't allow this at this time. But, who knows we might consider it and do it. We're always making changes to better help our customers.

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