How to send event reminder email from site

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  1. I'm building events calendar system in my site, where administrator can set event for each user at some day of the month (administrator must plan all the events in the beginning of the month).
    All the events are stored at database as records, each event has date.
    My problem:
    I want my site to send remainder to user who has event at some date at the day of event.

    I guess that to achieve this i need to build some process which will run repeatedly once a day at my server and check the events table if where any event planned at this day...

    What is common ways to do this kind of functionality?
    Thanks forward
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    Scheduling is only possible with Schedule Task that is a premium feature available only on Ultimate hosting plan. If you are on Ultimate hosting plan, you can set up Schedule Task to call a page on your site. You can then place code in this page that will be executing upon calling of this page. Please see this article for more details:
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