How to send and recieve email from WinHost smarter email service using C# in

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  1. I want to user Winhost email service ( smarter email ) fro sending email from my website and also want to recieve . my website is in C#
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    Read our knowledge base article on how to send mail using ASP.NET.

    Remember that you must used SMTP authentication with one of the email users you created in SmarterMail. Use the full email address as the username and use the password for the email user as the password.

    If you don't know how to create an email users please note the following:

    You will need to login to the SmarterMail system with the postmaster email account first in order to reset the email user's password. To do this please login to your control panel on Winhost.

    Once you have logged in to your Winhost control panel. Click on the Sites tab at the top. Or simply click here:

    Then click on Manage next to the site you wish to manage.

    Click on the Email box under site tools. Or simply click here:

    Then click on the link SmarterMail Manager

    The link will automatically log you into the SmarterMail email system.

    Once you are in the SmarterMail email system. Click on the Settings button. (Looks like a gear icon)

    Then expand the Domain Settings folder if it is not already expanded.

    Click on Users

    Then you may start adding your email users.
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