How to schedule a Stored Procedure in WinHost

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  1. I have a stored procedure that automatically delete all transaction where data is older than 3 days, and I came to know that this can be programmed easily in the Enterprise Manager --> SQL Server Agent --> Jobs --> New Jobs.

    So the question is how to do the same in my remote server??
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    Unfortunately schedule jobs are not support on the SQL server. This is because it requires that you get SA rights and this will compress the security of the entire sql server and all databases inside it.
    We are currently working on providing a schedule task manager feature on the control panel where you can schedule a specific web application to run. This web application can run the store procedure against your database.
    Unfortunately at this time I cannot give you a time frame on when this will be offered.
  3. Ray,
    Is scheduled task feature give the user the ability to run some SQL commands as that in Windows Control Panel?
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    Yes. Think of it as creating a .Net application that connects to a SQL server via connection string and callling out SQL statements to the server. Now think of that .Net application being placed in a folder that is scheduled to run at a specified time.
  5. just make a webservice that you can secure and put the SQL commands you want to run,
  6. I am still waiting Winhost to activate this feature.
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    Still working on how we are going to offer it and how it is going to integrate in our Control Panel. We'll keep you posted on this forum as soon as we can get more details on it.
  8. i am waiting also
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  10. Hello,

    I might be interested in the new scheduling task features. As you can see in this thread, I am having some troubles to execute background tasks.
    However, I've got two questions about this feature:

    1) Is it possible to plan an execution every minute? My task is pretty simple and I don't want my users to wait until 15 minutes to see changes.

    2) Where the code must be in the .aspx page? in the page_load() Method? It will not redirect the user to this page?
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    The scheduled task manager only comes in these intervals.

    Every 15 minutes
    Every hour
    Every 3 hours
    Every 6 hours
    Every 12 hours
    Every day
    Every week
    Every month

    The task manager will only make an http call to that specific page just as if you are calling it on your browser. But it cannot follow an http redirect, there fore it it needs to pull up another page once the first initial call is made than I'm afraid it will not be able to trigger it.
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