How to just change web hosting info to point to WinHost?

Discussion in 'DNS/Domain names' started by nikhil, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. My website is currently managed by Yahoo Small Biz for both website and email for my company. I would like to move the website to be hosted on Winhost and leave my email with Yahoo small biz.
    My understanding is that if I change the name servers to point to Winhost, my emails will also stop working at yahoo.

    Can you please tell me (or point me to an article) that explains how do I change my yahoo domain control settings so that ONLY my website points to Winhost?
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  2. update the A record for your domain to point to Winhost's web server.

    Check your account details in control panel,

    look for 'server name' e.g w01 and ping it to get its ip (e.g
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