How to Install Windows Service ?

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  1. I'm on a shared server and I want to install a windows service or at least use windows task schedule to execute a task. Is there any way I can do that on windows hosts, if they offer anything close to cron jobs?

  2. Being a shared server setup, windows service unfortunately is not offered.

    If you are on ultimate hosting package, you can use "Task scheduler" feature. (web)
  3. Differences

    This raises the question: what other advantages are there for moving to the Ultimate package, as task scheduling is not mentioned on the package comparison page.

    By the way, on your main page, spot the spelling mistake:

    Windows 2012 Hosting
    We are now offering Winbdows 2012 hosting!

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    More memory available to your application, more email disk space, more database disk space, more bandwidth... We do provide a side by side comparison on our site:

    The task scheduling is mentioned on this page. Look under Control Panel Features -> Scheduled Task Tool
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