How to Create Contact Groups?

Discussion in 'Email' started by DJGray, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. I have scoured the help and this forum but cannot find a means of creating email groups in the Contacts. I want to be able to enter "Board of Directors" or something similar in the To field and have it populate with the addresses of that group.

    Is this not a feature in the email app?
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    You can try using Aliases. After you log into the SmarterMail web interface with the postmaster account, go the Settings -> Domain Settings -> Aliases.
  3. YES, Elshadriel. That is exactly what I was looking for.

    Thank you!

    UPDATE: Well, shoot. It didn't work. When I try to save it fails saying "Forwards to the following address(es) is not allowed:" and then lists the whole address collection.

    UPDATE#2: It seems that there is only one offending address in the list. There are six addresses I need to include and it has accepted five of them. The one offending address is "" No idea why that address fails to work.
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    I don't think we allow forwarding to because of spam.
  5. Ah, yeah, okay. I guess that makes sense, but it causes difficulties for legitimate mail. I'll find a way to make this work.

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