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  1. can any1 tell me is that possible for me to create a .bak file that usable for databse restoration utility at the Winhost control panel. I having problems to upload my database from localhost to the server.
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  3. i read the article b4 and try this method before but it does not work. My actual problem is that i do not know how to upload database from my localhost to Winhost database.

    Technical support from Winhost advice me to create a .bak file and upload it to the server via ftp and using the restore utility to restore it. But they does not provide me any infomation on how to create a .bak file.

    What i get from Winhost article ( ) is to create a .sql file from database but what i use is visual studio 2010. Is that any different to use visual studio 2010 to create the .sql file? I think that would be no problem right?

    Another problem is that i do not have SQL Server 2008 and i do not know how to use it. Can i use visual studio to do the following step?

    To run the script that will publish your database to our SQL 2008 Server you will use SQL Server Management Studio Express or SQL Server 2008. Follow the steps below to publish the database to the Winhost SQL 2008 Server:

    1.Open your database in SQL Server Management Studio 2008.
    2.Click File/Open/File and navigate to the SQL script you just created from your SQL Server.
    3.Type the SQL database name provided for you in Control Panel under Site Info Manager/MS SQL 2008/Manage.
    4.Choose SQL Server Authentication in the "Authentication" drop down box.
    5.Input your database login and password from Control Panel (see #3).
    6.Once the script is opened, navigate to the very top of the page and type:
    ◦USE [database name] (without the brackets)
    7.Click the "Execute" button.
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    The kb article you are talking about talks about the Database Publishing Wizard. Visual Studio 2010 should already have the Database Publishing Wizard, so all you need to do is connect to the database using your Visual Studio 2010. You Right click on it and it should show a "Publish to Provider..." menu which will open Database Publishing Wizard. But if you have Visual Web Developer 2010 Express I'm afraid the Database Publishing Wizard will not be available to you. You will need to use Visual Studio 2010.
  5. ok. I think i am working with the right direction. Thnx for the reply. I will try to find out how to work with Database Publishing Wizard at visual studio 2010. Do you have any guild about it?
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    The KB article "Publishing your SQL 2008 database to the Winhost SQL 2008 Server" outlines the stesp. The second part is for the SQL Server Manager Studio but the first section is for Visual Studio. Although the KB specifically calls on VS 2008 it should be the same for VS 2010.
    Now, we got a message from Microsoft that they are trying to move away from the Database publishing Wizard, so if you can learn how to run the Backup process on your own local database to produce a .bak file, the easier it will be for you so you can use the Restore/Backup tool within the Winhost control panel.
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  7. But when i use the visual studio 2010 database publishing wizard i created a .sql file. When i upload to the server, i unable to see it at the restoration utility.
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    When you have the .sql file you then use the SQL Management Studio to connect to our SQL server and run the .sql file against our SQL server. Since we have SQL 2008, you need to download and install on your computer the SQL 2008 Server Management Studio.

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