How to change site main domain name?

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  1. Hello, I have another question:

    My main domain is going to expire soon (I don't want it anymore) and I want to change my main domain name to one of my domain pointers (I have 4 of it in total). I can't do that from my admin panel, so I want to ask what will happen when my main domain will finaly get locked? All my settings like username, ftp user etc. are based on this domain name that is going to expire. When I log in to panel, I also see my site under this name. Should I open new site and close this one, or is there other way?

    Oh and this domain was purchased elsewhere, not in Winhost.

    Thanks for help in advance...
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  2. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Remove the domain pointer from your Site. Then use the "Order New Site" to order a new Basic of Max site using the domain you want to move forward with.
  3. Hmm OK, but if I won't do what you are suggesting, will my site be still accessible using my domain pointers or it won't?
  4. Ray


    Yes, your site will be accessible through your domain pointer, but keep in mind that the email will have the domain name of your account not the domain pointer. So, if the domain name on your account expires then you will have some issues with your email.

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