How can I encrypt certain web.config sections (i.e., <connectionStrings>, etc)?

Discussion in 'Databases' started by ipap, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Hi folks.

    I want to encrypt some sections in my web.config file, especially the database connection string, so, I did a search in the forum, but I haven't find anything about how to encrypt web.config sections. Does anyone knows? Should I contact support?

  2. Ray


    Sorry at this time, encrypting the web.config is currently not supported. I'll bring it up to our management team to let them know of your request.
  3. Connection string encryption

    Hi All,

    Is this to say that we still cannot encrypt connectionstrings in the web.config file or in any other file?
  4. Ray


    Yeah, unfortunately because the way our system is setup for shared hosting, at this time it is not possible. But this does not mean that the connection string is passed through the Internet for everyone to see.

    The web server and SQL server are on the same network so any connection string that is used to connect to our SQL server is not passed through the Internet, it stays within the local area network.
  5. too bad on this missing feature. I was hoping that some sort of variation on <machineKey> used for view state would work.
  6. Ditto ...

    Add me to the list of users who would love to have this capability, please. Thanks.
  7. any updates on this topic?

    i like to see the encryption feature as well.

    it is ok for a fun/personal website.
    but, if we plan to use it for business such as eCommerce and if the db compromise, we like to protect our clients data as much as possible.
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