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  1. Hi,
    I am considering "Winhost" for my Web portal. Please let me know where I would find step by step instructions for creating and maintaining a DNN portal together with its SQL database. I would like to know how I would gain "host" (privilaged) access to my portal and install custom DNN modules, run SQL scripts etc. Can I maintain my SQL 2008 database using the management studio running on my PC by remotely connecting to your server.
    I did check the forum and the KB pages but did not see many postings covering DNN based portal installation.
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  2. Yes.

    We offer DotNetNuke Community Edition through our Control Panel App Installer, so installation instructions, per se, aren't really necessary. There's a lot to do/learn after installation, of course, and the best place to find specific information about working with DNN would be a DNN forum. You can get some feedback here, but we're not exactly overflowing with DNN experts here in this forum.

    Remember you'll need a Max or Ultimate plan account to support DNN. It uses a lot of resources.
  3. Michael,
    That is great news. I will start off with the MAX plan to see if my plan is going to work. Please let me know with the Max plan if there are any restrictions on the number of child portals I can install under my DNN Portal. I have a need to host multiple child portals like http://www.<my portal>/<mu child portal 1>, http://www.<my portal>/<mu child portal 2> etc all based on a single SQL database.
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    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    I think your only restriction would be computing resources. As mentioned, DNN can use a lot of resources. I only have one other suggestion. Don't install DNN in a folder named "app". Apparently, it can cause problems.
  5. Elshadriel, Michael,
    Thanks a lot for your posts.
    I just launched my first DNN site under Winhost. Took me about 20 minutes. It was a pleasant experience. I now have a sample site running and I have "host" access to install additional apps, modules etc and can manage the site completely. I have a few years experience building web applications under DNN framework and I am surprised that it was a breeze and didn't have a single issue during the installation. Keep up the great work Winhost team...oh and DNN too.
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  6. Michael, I just connected to my (DNN) SQL database from my desktop. Great feeling...Thanks
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