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  1. Hello;

    I am trying to upload my site using VS 2005. I have followed the directions on your site and when I click open VS hangs and I am unable to copy my site.

    Gerry :(
  2. Ray


    What the error message you are getting? Do you have a firewall on your network? What is the FTP address you are using?
  3. There is no error message, VS hangs and I have to shut the application down.
    I tried turing off the Windows firewall and the problem still persists. I have a router that has a firewall built. The router is a linksys Wireless-G. {I will check to see if I can turn off the firewall}

    I followed the following directions to connect to the FTP site.

    Open the web project to be deployed in Visual Studio 2008/2005.
    * Go to web site -> Copy Web Site. The Copy Web tab will show the Source Web site and the Remote Web site.
    * Click the "Connect" button. The "Open Web Site" window will pop up.
    * Select FTP Site.
    * Enter the following values:
    o Server: www.HostingAccountDomain.com
    o Port: 21
    o Directory: [name of the remote directory to copy to; leave blank for the root]
    o Passive Mode: checked*
    o Anonymous Login: unchecked, and enter your login information
  4. Ray


    Make sure you are using the correct FTP address. The FTP address "www.HostingAccountDomain.com" is just an example we use.

    Also try to bypass your router and connect directly to the Internet.
  5. I now get an error message using VS.

    Unable to open the web 'ftp://www.hostingaccountdomain.com/.' Can not find the web server at 'www.hostingaccountdomain.com' on Port 21. Please check to make sure the web server name is valid and your proxy setting are set correctly. If you are sure that everything is correct the web server may be temporarily out of service.
  6. What is the correct FTP address?
  7. Ray


    Log into your Winhost control panel. Once you are logged on, click on the tab that is marked "Sites". When you are on the Sites List click on the link that reads "Manage". This will take you to the Site Info Manager. Look to your left and in a yellow box you will see some information on your site account. Some of those information will tell you the FTP address to your site.
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  8. I can connect to the secondary FTP site but not the primary. I will copy the files up and see where this leads me.

  9. Ray


    It sounds like your domain name is not resolving to our Winhost servers. Talk with your registrar and make sure they are using our DNS servers.
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  10. When I use the ip address for the primary ftp account it works.

    Problem solved, thank you


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