FTP upload problem with bigger file

Discussion in 'FTP' started by likeuclinux, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. I set up the filezilla according to knowledgebase article using passive mode, but the files over several mb always give me timeout error, is there any limitation over the file size?:confused:
    I do successfully transfer some files about 1-2 mb.
  2. ok, might be firewall issue, I setup local firewall rule, then result is much better..but why I still get some success before I changed firewall, confused me
  3. Ray


    Thats really hard to say without the FTP log. In general, local firewall settings, IP routing, NAT, and Proxy servers can really play havoc on FTP connections. Typically it is much simpler to make sure ports 21 and 20 are open through the firewall and keep the FTP client using Active Port mode. Some users really don't like this so they leave the firewall very restrictive. Then when a software update is placed on the firewall, some of the rules may have gotten altered causing FTP connections the used to work to all of a sudden start giving problems.
  4. Thanks for information

    today I try again, I keep on getting timeout error in firezilla and has to re-transmit again and again. look like some throttling control from server side router : if there are too many connection it will just drop connectiones. it behave random guess sometimes the connection is not too many so there is no drop at that time.
    there is no difference in my side since yesterday since I disabled the windows update :confused:
  5. Ray


    We do not perform FTP throttling control on the server. Post your full FTP log.
  6. Thanks you, don't worry, I will live with it. I will post a log when I experience problem nex time

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