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Discussion in 'FTP' started by feint, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    (Firstly I need to say I'm a bit of a newbie at web programming so I'm sorry if this question seems stupid)

    I'm trying to create an auction site for someone and it's been going great, but now I'm a bit stumped with how to allow people to upload images for their auctions. My idea is to just have a file browser pop-up for them to choose their file, run checks on it to make sure the size is say under 7mb, and then hopefully upload it to my Winhost ftp server making the appropriate corresponding record in a database for retrieving it later.

    I just have a few issues regarding uploading images like this. Is it acceptable for me to allow the general public to upload images like this to the Winhost ftp server? If so I assume I need to do a virus scan on images before uploading them to ensure I don't let people damage anything on the server? I've googled this and found other hosting sites that offer virus checking on uploaded files. Does Winhost offer anything like this, and if not am I able to add anything to my site to perform a virus check? If neither of these would it be best for me to go to another ftp service that does?

    I generally just need a bit of advice on the subject, I don't want to go ahead and create this kind of function only to find out it's against Winhost's terms & conditions.

    Any help is greatly appreciated
  2. You are not violating any policy by creating upload function on your own site. We host customer's site on its own unique application pool so generally web 'activity' of neighboring site will not interrupt yours and vice versa. I'm afraid server side virus scan is not applicable.

    The common practice on your upload concern is to create a form validation that check the file's size and extension (not to allow any script to be uploaded)
  3. That's great, thanks for the info Allegro.

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