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  1. Hi All (Great Helping Hands),

    Issue: FTP Deploy/Publish Issue

    Recently I have purchased a Winhost Max account to test and finally host some data driven sites/applications.

    As an initial start I wanted to test two similar data driven sample applications developed in WebMatrix having back ground database as built-in file based SQL compact database. Using WebMatrix FTP protocol, I tried to deploy these sites and browse later on. FYI, though I prefer MS Web Deploy over FTP, but as per Winhost support team advice I rather start using it along with FileZilla visual verification.

    After several work around and discussion with Winhost support team, I have been able to host and browse mybakery site from the internet. ( see my url: www.misofttech.com). But the problem is; the way I want to deploy and browse, I couldn’t do that way.

    Actually for better management and testing more sites I want to deploy these sites separately in subdirectories and want to browse as;

    1) www.misofttech.com/wmtest where wmtest would be my WebMatrix test directory, and/or

    2) www.misofttech.com/wmtest/app1, or www.misofttech.com/wmtest/app2, where app1 and app2 would be my two separate webmatrix apps which I also I to put in separate sub directories as above.

    What I did: Not to put in my server root, I first try to deploy mybakery as:
    Server : ftp.misoftte.w02.Winhost.com
    Site Path : wmtest/mybakery
    User Name : misoftte
    Destination Url : http://www.misofttech.com/wmtest/mybakery

    Though FTP in this way became successful, but browsing attempt issues several errors. I tried different way, but ultimate result is same.

    BUT WHEN I DO THE SAME DEPLOYMENT IN THE ROOT, i.e leaving Site Path parameter blank, then it works fine whether I do this before deploying in to sub directories or after deploying in to sub directories. Then I can browse same apps by www.misofttech.com, or by www.misofttech.com/wmtest/mybakery.

    When I browse my server site via FileZilla I see a messy and amalgamated directory structure which I want to avoid and I want to put my sites separately in separate directories.

    NOW my request to the forums, can I deploy my sites as I planned? I am not considering sub domain and url re-directing features at this stage, I just want to place my sites in separate directories and browse them like by .. /app1.

    Note: One point I think may be worth mentioning here. Before final publishing via FTP, I always run the compatibilty check which shows the following result.

    When the result for Simple HTML page shows (Not Available) then browsing was successful, but when it shows available then browsing was not successful.

    Please help me advising/showing how to achieve these?

    Thanking you in advance.
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  3. Resolved- FTP Not Going Properly


    Thank you for your response. I have resolved the issue myself.

    Actually there is a very easy solution for the issue I raised in my previous post, which I didn't know until now ( as I am new in web hosting..)and no body have pointed me in this regard. I have to spend last couple of days to work out to reslove this issue.

    Anyway, I am describing below how my issue is resolved so that it might help others who may have similar issue/problem.

    ISSUE: To host/deploy different web apps in different sub directories and browse the apps pointing to that direcory using built in FTP protocol.

    Step-1: First you create the sub directory(or sub sub directory) as required under the your domain root directory. This can be done in two ways;

    a) Using a FTP client like FileZilla (but in my case I couldn't create bcoz of access problem,

    b) Second and best way is to create the sub or sub sub directory on the go i.e. when you deploy the apps by specifying the parameters as follows;

    Site Path : mySubDirectory
    Destination Url : http://www.yourdomain.com/mySubDirectory

    Site Path : mySubDirectory/mySubSubDirectory
    Destination Url : http://www.yourdomain.com/mySubDirectory/mySubSubDirectory

    Step-2: After deploying in that way, you need to point the respective directory or sub sub directory for the applications deployed as the Application Start Point.

    You do this from your Control Panel Login>Sites>Manage>Site Tools>Application Starting Point.

    Here you specify your sub directory and/or sub sub directory as your Application Starting Point.

    After that you browse your site as:
    www.yourdomain.com/yourSubDirectory OR

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    Cool, Glad you resolved your issue and thank you for providing your solution to your problem.

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