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  1. Hey guys, I am moving from a dedicated server to Winhost and having a bit of difficulty understanding how the subdomain is accessed via FTP.

    Main site is yoursite.com
    subdomain1 www.yoursite.com
    subdomain2 ftp.yoursite.com
    subdomain3 dev.yoursite.com

    If all sites have different content and only some of the subdomains are applications... how do I upload via FTP to theses locations.


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  2. Ray


    I believe you may have a misunderstanding on how subdomain names and fully qualified domain names work on our system. The subdomain will actually point to the same root directory as your domain name. So as an example in essence you can pull up the same site using mydomain.com and sub1.mydomain.com.

    If you want to have sub1.mydomain.com open/call on another web page, you will need to setup a redirect script. Try looking at this kb article.


    So if you want to upload files for sub1.mydomain.com, you are accessing the same root and you will use ftp.mydomain.com. If you want to keep things separate, you may want to upload the additional website to a subfolder such as subfolder1 and have yoru subdomain redirect to that subfolder.
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